A Guide to Build Your Own Alexa Device with a Raspberry Pi from… AMAZON?!?


What is this? Some kind of Raspberry Pi fan site?!? Well, with projects like this…….MAYBE?….. Anyway, the Amazon GitHub page has an incredibly detailed guide to getting the Alexa voice service up and running on a Raspberry Pi. Amazon’s guide does a great job of walking you through the set up process for this project, and it also features a full parts list so you can easily track down what you need.


Like the other DIY Echo we’ve shown off, the catch here is that because of a rule in Alexa Voice Services, your DIY Echo cannot be always listening for a trigger word. Instead, it requires a button press to start listening. In this case, it’s a little Java applet that you click to make your device start listening. Still, it’s a neat little DIY device, and I’m sure someone can figure out a way around the caveat that requires a button press.

[Thanks Amazon GitHub]

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