Two Things I Picked Up from WWE’s Interview with Candace Cameron Bure of “Fuller House,” and YES, It’s Wrestling-Related…


So, there’s a lucha libre episode of Fuller House, which you can watch RIGHT NOW on Netflix. In this episode, DJ Tanner (played by Candace Cameron Bure) gets in the squared-circle to take down a team of wrestling chickens (because of course) with a top rope splash followed by pinning them with La Magistral. No joke and NO STUNT DOUBLE; this really happened! In the episode, Cameron Bure performs a headscissors into an armdrag that is legitimately better and more confident than many wrestlers on TV RIGHT NOW. WWE interviewed Cameron Bure, and while the full interview can be found here, I was more intrigued that from these two question-answer exchanges than anything else; you’ll see why…


WWE: Could you tell us a little bit about how you first learned you were going to be getting into a wrestling ring for “Fuller House”?

Cameron Bure: Well, no one expected me to actually get in the ring. They had told me about this wrestling episode with the [Fuller] kids and it would be really fun and I said, “Oh, that’s so great!” My real kids love watching it; they think it’s awesome.

The first day in, they brought the stunt doubles and they said we’re just going to watch the stunt doubles. They’re going to work out the wrestling routine, and then they’ll do everything and we’ll just come in and do close-up face shots of me and edit it all together. Well, I watched the stuntwoman do the routine and I just said, “She’s not doing it! I’m doing it. I can do that!”

We had two days to rehearse it. I spent maybe an hour or two each day practicing, and then we taped it on the third day. So I didn’t have much rehearsal time.

WWE: Do you think that’s the last time you’d get into a wrestling ring?

Cameron Bure: No! I had so much fun doing all that stuff. If there were some other opportunities, I would totally be down. And thanks to all the wrestling fans who were enjoying it! I’m so glad. Thanks for the props.

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