Got An Old Laptop? Turn it into a Chromebook for FREE!!

Think about this for a second: it’s entirely possible that your five-to-ten year old laptop (you know, the one that’s currently gathering dust in your desk drawer) has more horsepower than a Chromebook with the highest-of specs the market RIGHT NOW! This is good news, as this means that you can take that old laptop out of retirement and make it run a lightweight operating system like Chrome fairly quickly and efficiently.

The above video, courtesy of The Verge, will walk you through the steps and procedures on how to convert your old Mac or Windows laptop into a sort-of Chromebook. The tutorial uses a piece of software called CloudReady, developed from New York City-based startup Neverware, which is a program that actually uses a modified version of Chromium.  What is Chromium? Well, it’s the open source version of the Chrome browser that Google makes available to third-party developers.

Neverware mostly works with schools, by assisting them in turning older, out-of-date computers into working units — via CloudReady — that their students can use. Now, average Joes and Janes can use it as well as the company offers the software as a free download. Plus, you don’t have to completely delete your current OS, as a new CloudReady feature allows dual-booting, letting users select an OS every time they boot up the computer.

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