Watch Joey Ryan Propose To His Girlfriend During Their Inter-Gender Match…

Joey Ryan has become one of the big viral wrestlers of the last few months, and while he’s recently signed with Lucha Underground, he’s still doing indie promotion dates.  For example, at San Diego’s Finest City Wrestling, Ryan continued his streak of making a mark in the business by upping the stakes in your typical inter-gender match (which are very common on the indies; I have no problem with them as I think it helps both the male and female wrestler become better in-ring workers)  with a swerve ending that NO-ONE saw coming.

In that same inter-gender match, Ryan was wrestling his real-life girlfriend and fellow wrestler, Laura James, and stopped mid-match to get a microphone and an engagement ring and propose to her. The moment is so beautiful, I was grinning from ear-to-ear. After James said “yes”, Ryan hit her with a small package to steal a pinfall victory. It’s okay, though, they kissed some more afterward.

Between this adorable moment, Ryan’s in-ring skills and his demonstration of grappling and flipping over opponents with his man-parts (video above), its no wonder that this guy is getting popular! Insert Jim Cornette likely complaining on how this kills kayfabe and about how this ruins pro wrestling, blah-blah-blah….


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