Play the Cancelled ‘Saints Row’ PSP Game for Free!

Recently, the developers at Volition did something awesome by not just revealing a cancelled game in their most popular series, Saints Row, but by ALSO releasing it to the public FOR FREE for anyone to download! The game, Saints Row Undercover, was being developed for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) before Volition decided to cancel it. It began as a port of Saints Row 2, but it later became its own standalone game. None of that would matter as Volition would later cancel the game due to the prototype not meeting their expectations, but they recently rediscovered it and decided to release it to the wild. And that’s, like, really SUPER COOL!

Cancelled Saints Row Game Gets Released For Free

You — YES, YOU — can download the ISO file of Saints Row Undercover over at the internet’s favorite place for archives and reports on cancelled games, Unseen64. They only other thing you’ll need is a PSP emulator on your computer or modded PSP to make it work, and since  this is a prototype, it’s going to be full of bugs and glitches. Regardless, it’s a nice piece of gaming history and makes me wonder about other hidden and forgotten game projects still floating somewhere in the ether…

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