The Master Plan for Sasaki’s “Forest City” in Iskandar Malaysia Stretches Across FOUR Islands!

SAY WHA?!?!? Along four man-made islands in Iskandar Malaysia, “Forest City” — designed by Sasaki Associates — is in route of becoming Southeast Asia’s largest mixed-use green development. Its master plan already has an estimated investment of S$58.3 billion (or US$40.9 billion) and is predicted to create approximately new 220,000 jobs to the area. The Forest City’s location near southeast Asia’s economic/commerce/culture hub (which contains financial institutions, R&D facilities, headquarter offices, etc.) is perfect for promoting live/work culture and “establish an innovative and sustainable employment base for the region,” as stated by the architects. We might have to wait until about 2036 to see the completion of this project though. Maybe Mighty No. 9 will be out by then…

The Forest City’s development strategy combines the mixed-used, walkable approach with a built/natural environment joint relationship. To link Singapore’s planned extensions to Malaysia’s transit infrastructure, Forest City will be connected to the larger area via a light rail and ferry. The project will also contain the world’s largest green roof system with a “rooftop network of interconnected parks and gardens,” along with green areas with natural habitats, stormwater filtration, and outdoor recreational activities far from automobiles.

Forest City also takes the precaution of the area’s delicate ecosystem and the fishing industry that relies on it, by mimicking the project’s design with the natural coastal ecologies of the region at the island edges to maintain the regions ecological sustainability.  This results in re-establishing over nine kilometers of mangroves, 10 kilometers of shallow coves and mudflats and protecting 250 hectares of shallow-water seagrass, which also provides resiliency against rising sea-level.

[Thanks Sasaki]

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