Wait, a POKéMON Commercial for the SUPER BOWL?!?!

The most recent Pokémon commercials have really been stepping up their game in terms of production quality, for example, Pokémon Go, the upcoming mobile spin-off. But I’m not taking about that; I’m talking about the fact that there’s a Pokémon commercial being made for the upcoming (this Sunday) Super Bowl 50!

Super Bowl Commercial Shows Pokémon Would Look Amazing In Real Life

The ad really plays off the idea of Pokémon’s as a real-world thing, which works because that’s the entire fantasy of it;: we wish that we could discover, train and battle these critters and have them follow us into our actual lives.  Plus, this ad is actually advertising the legacy of Pokémon, about reminding us that it’s been TWENTY YEARS since the franchise debuted on the Nintendo Game Boy. Yikes!

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