Make You Own Raspberry Pi-powered Smart Calendar & Notification Center for Agendas

Picture of Raspberry Pi: Wall Mounted Calendar and Notification Center

So, you got yourself a Raspberry Pi. You also got yourself a calendar for your home that’s full of agendas, dates, plans, etc. So, how about using that little awesome computer AS your household calendar? Instructables user ozua shows how you can take the Raspberry Pi and utilize it as a family agenda, weather forecasts, local events, and even live transport info.

The basics of this project are pretty straightforward: you turn the Pi into a web server that runs a custom homepage, which pulls in all sorts of live data of the weather, public transportation schedules, and almost anything else you need alongside a shared calendar that anyone in the home can access. In addition to that, the project also uses an old LCD from a laptop mounted to the wall with some custom buttons. Since this project mainly involves utilizing a web page, it becomes extremely simple to modify so it can better suit your needs. That way, should there be something there that you’re not looking for, you can easily tweak it should you need or want to.

[Thanks Raspberry Pi: Wall Mounted Calendar and Notification Center]

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