Remember When Jerry Lawler Recorded A Sexy Wrestling Slow Jam?

No; ME NEITHER! Well, it WAS 1986 and I was JUST a year old, but regardless, this is a thing. Should the words ‘wrestling with girls’ and the name ‘Jerry Lawler’ make you cringe, then you remember the WWE’s Attitude Era very well.  Also, you’re going to enjoy this video; by enjoy, I mean that you’ll likely ball yourself up in a fetal position due to awkwardness that could result in your sex drive being completely evaporated before the end of the week, rendering your weekend ruined. Because science.


Anyway, in 1986, Jerry Lawler was still the King of Memphis, and was popular enough to have his own local show on channel WMC called,The Jerry Lawler Show, because of course it was. Lawler would bring interviews, wrestlers, and, assumingly, some cray-cray wrestling shenanigans every Sunday morning. On this episode of The Jerry Lawler Show, Lawler was educated by Steve Cox about ultra high-tech electronic keyboards and proceeded to record the audio version of, well, insert ANYTHING monotonous and boring here because both things are different to different people. The song, Wrestling With Girls, takes you on a trip — that you wish you could be refunded — into a world where ‘playing by the rules never enters our minds after midnight.’ Essentially, Lawler tries to uses ANY wrestling maneuver as a sexy euphemisms, which is something that we never want Jerry Lawler to EVER do…

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