Secure Your Charging USB Devices by Making Your Own “USB Condom”

Many of us have been there: you need a quick charge of your phone, tablet or gaming system, and all you need is a easy and available connection into any available untrusted computer or public charging station. While the chance of malicious data getting into your phone is fairly slim, the threat still exists. If you’re the do-it-yourself-type, you can head on over to Node, where they’ll show you how to make sure only power can get through the USB port, and not data.


This process involves disassembling a couple of different USB plugs and then putting them back together to create a connection that blocks data transfers, while still allows charging. You’ll also need some light/novice soldering skills, but other than that, the process is fairly simple to complete this project for yourself. While this may not be a necessity for most of us, it’s still a fun little project to make.

[Thanks Node]

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