Dharavi. Image © Flickr CC User M M

Ever Heard of a Slum Museum? Mumbai’s Going to Have One Soon…

Mumbai, India is the home of the Dharavi slum, currently occupied by approximately 1.5 million people (and known to be one of Asia’s largest slums). Ask yourself, what does a slum need? Why, a museum or course! Mumbai will soon be the home of the world’s first slum museum, as a report from the Smithsonian Magazine reports, the Design Museum Dharavi is the brainchild of Spanish artist Jorge Mañes Rubio. The project aims to showcase works that “reimagines and revives [forgotten] sites as attention-worthy destinations.”


The Design Museum Dharavi will be composed of flexible mobile structure that can be moved throughout the slum, and will open for the first time this February (NEXT MONTH) – on tour for two months, before being handed over to slum’s residents. The founders of the museum acknowledge that “Despite the tough conditions [the people of Dharavi] live in, they are capable of creating, designing, manufacturing and commercializing all kinds of goods. We believe that the objects made in Dharavi could be as valuable as those collected by design museums. The main mission of Design Museum Dharavi is to challenge our perception of ‘slums, favelas, barriadas, ghettos’ on a global scale.”

[Thanks Smithsonian Magazine and the Design Museum Dharavi website]

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