So, Batman & Nightwing Hit Killer Croc With RKOs Outta Nowhere In ‘Arkham Knight’ DLC.

For real, Rocksteady? For really, reals??… Anyway, Batman: Arkham Knight released its latest DLC called “Season of Infamy,” back on December 22.  It’s here where you can fight ninjas in a hospital, fight the Mad Hatter in Wonderland, get all sad and stuff with Mr. Freeze, and — if you’re a wrestling fan — the “Beneath the Surface” mission. Why that mission you ask? Well, in it, Batman and Nightwing both drop Killer Croc with RKOs. Again, I have no freaking clue why this exists, but it’s there, this is the Internet, therefore I’m obliged to share it with the masses. You’re welcome.


So Rocksteady, do you plan on releasing extra outfits for batman and Nightwing that resemble Randy Orton’s ring gear just to really let this gag hit home? How about the easy and obvious suggestion of John Cena as Superman? Maybe Robin as Seth Rollins or ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes? GIVE US SOMETHING!!!!!

[Thanks Reddit]

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