WOWZERS!! Here’s Windows 95 Running On A New Nintendo 3DS…BECAUSE REASONS!

I enjoy seeing what console hacking enthusiasts put their minds and hard work into to amuse themselves and curious web-surfers like myself.  Recently, GBATemp user Shutterbug2000 demonstrated his hack showing the Windows 95 computer operating system running on a New Nintendo 3DS via NeoGAF. Shutterbug2000 essentially spent time utilizing a RetroArch DOSbox to get Microsoft’s formerly-most common edition of its operating system software running on Nintendo’s latest hardware.


So, what exactly CAN you do with Windows 95 on your New 3DS? So far, the GBATemp forum post is full of speculations of playing retro PC games on the modern handheld, as well as users attempting to replicate the hack on the original 3DS. While this effort is certainly fancy and amazing (especially if you’re like me and remember gaming on Windows 95-based PCs back in the mid-1990s), at the end of the day, it seems pretty impractical, especially on a handheld. Still, cool bro.



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