‘That Dragon, Cancer’ to be this month on January 12th

That Dragon, Cancer. is an independently developed game that showcased an early demo, allowing the player to slowly explore the hospital room of a father and his young son. The young son was dying, and the father felt powerless.  The development of the title has surely been difficult, as one of the developers is the father the game is about and his son passed away during development.

While the first gameplay demo was short, it was still incredibly powerful.  Despite the difficulties and personal trials experienced during the course of the game’s creation, we’re finally several years later down the line as the game’s launch approaches. That Dragon, Cancer is going to be releasing in six days on January 12, 2016 on Steam, Humble, and Ouya for $14.99.


It is probably recommended that you may want to set an afternoon aside to cry at my computer.  Essentially, it’s my (late) gameplan for Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead and Journey all over again…

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