Do Not Play This HTML5 Drum Machine If You Have Any Plans Today…


This is the new HTML-909 Rhythm Composer, an insanely addictive and fun HTML5 Drum Machine that lets you to create beats in your browser, has now arrived to take ALL of your attention. The prior version was modeled after the legendary Roland TR-808, however the HTML-909 is modeled — let’s see if you’ve guessed it already — after the equally-legendary Roland TR-909.

Just play around with it for a while and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’re able to put some sounds together something that become real dangerously close to listenable. Here’s how it works: The buttons across each represent a “step” in the ever-looping timeline of sequence. Select an instrument from the list at the top and push a button, then it’ll play at that point in the loop. You’ll get a different independent timeline for every instrument, and you can save up to 16 different patterns in this machine at once.  It even  introduces decay parameters for several instruments, allowing you to control how quickly an instrument’s sound fades out.

This browser app gives you a ton of possibilities, and make you want to host a house party! Or, you could just BUY a 1980s era Roland TR-909 drum machine on eBay for about $4,000; well then, maybe not. Can’t-stop. Won’t-stop. Prac-titio-nerd. ‘Cause we. Get down, baby. Get down, baby…

[Thanks HTML-909 & Boing Boing]

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