The Lucha Underground Season 2 Trailer

El Rey Network recently released a trailer for season two of Lucha Underground, and I must warn you all that’s it’s FULL of shocking, game-changing spoilers, so if you watch it, know that going in. Also, if you love the show and it’s first season, then watching this trailer may result in the crapping your pants. Figured I’d let you know; I’m looking out for you, internet…


There’s so much in that trailer to discuss: The Unlikely Trio returning to the Temple, Vampiro in some type of desert-based top secret government therapy, the aftermath of a crazy mothman kidnapping Sexy Star, Justin Gabriel involved in dragon nunchuck battles (say whut), A ninja/army guy because REASONS, and the arrival of a certain masked wrestler I discussed last week. Lucha Underground returns to TV on January 27. That’s a Wednesday. Enjoy!

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