Here’s Rey Mysterio Kind-Of Helping Stephen Colbert Celebrate Hanukkah…

So, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has featured somewhat professional wrestling-related moments from The Undertaker Tombstoning Brad Moddox dressed as a turkey and John Cena singing Adele, so why should The Late Show with Stephen Colbert Rey Mysterio be excluded from all of the late-night fun to show up and celebrate Hanukkah? Well, your prayers have been answered….sort of…


The only problem is that “a scheduling conflict” prevented Mysterio from actually being there, so the feature contained a strange slideshow of the awesomeness of Mr. 619 is with some Hanukkah stuff bookending it. However, while they mention him winning the 2006 Royal Rumble and five WCW Cruiserweight Championships, they fail to mention is two WWE and World Heavyweight Championship reigns. Also, the research seemed to be hastily done, as the picture at 0:19 mark shows Sin Cara, NOT Rey Mysterio, wrestling El Local (a.k.a. Ricardo Rodriguez) with ALL the botches you wanted from a Sin Cara match! Makes me wonder why they didn’t bring in Dean Malenko — who’s actually Jewish — and show him beating Mysterio 6-out-of-10 times like he did back in the WCW days.

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