Bloodborne Player Defeats DLC’s Hardest Boss with His Fists. Seriously…

Calling “Lobos Jr” is one of the most talented Souls players is an understatement—he once beat the game upside down! He’s been going through Bloodborne’s newest DLC, The Old Hunters, and he recently, he pulled off the incredible feat of beating the insanely-difficult first boss — and probably the hardest boss fight in the game, Ludwig —  on New Game+++++++ (that’s 7+’s, by the way) only using his fists.

When you beat Bloodborne, you have the option of starting over with the same character in New Game Plus mode. The story and enemy layout don’t change, however the enemies deal out more damage and have more health, giving you a whole new challenge to an already difficult game. Plus, you can stack New Game Plus over and over, capping at seven times, called New Game+++++++, or New Game Plus 7.

Using only your fists, as Lobos Jr did, make things even more difficult since the damage he deals to Ludwig is fairly minimum, meaning he needs to dodge and weave for long periods of time to pick his spots, only able to patiently chip away damage at Ludwig over and over. In the end, it took Lobos Jr more than 12 hours to defeat this boss using only his fists, whereas it only takes a few minutes using the weapons normally provided in-game. The battle’s first half goes really well for Lobos Jr, easily sending Ludwig into his more annoying second form while holding 20 blood vials. However, his unfamiliarity with Ludwig’s later attacks creates a do-or-die situation, and in the closing minutes, Lobos Jr has his back against the wall with just one vial left. Soooo the drama…

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