Check out this Awesome Canadian ESK’ET TINY HOUSE

This is the Esk’et Tiny House, built by Robert & Bettina Johnson in Alkali Lake, British Columbia, Canada. It is a 280 square-foot, very proudly Canadian, tiny house built on top of a 20 foot trailer. Why would I consider this to be “very Canadian,” you ask; just take a look at the detailed carvings and Aboriginal art work.

The home’s roof rafters are curved in the shape of “sklelten” (which is a Shuswap word meaning “salmon”), and the roofline intersects and barrels. This tiny house was designed to be used over long periods of time as a guest residence, so it needed to have an open and spacious feel (as much as you could have with a tiny house). The designers had a lot of fun designing the two interior ladders, plus the spiral ladder — which is probably my FAVORITE feature — is reportedly very comfortable to use.

Should you be curious about any other design strategies for custom features, check out the Johnson’s YouTube channel, where they go into a lot of detail. They are currently working on a newer, updated, and more streamlined design of the Esk’et Tiny House that should be more simpler and easier to build, while still being visually stunning!

[Thanks Esk’et Tiny House]

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