What’s Another Way to Use the Steam Controller? Using Your Head…

Well, That's One Way To Use A Steam Controller

Well, THIS didn’t take long, did it? The Steam Controller is an interesting looking PC controller (which is why I covered it HERE), but if you want a truly immersive first-person shooting experience and feel like your really in the game, look into attaching a Steam controller to your head.  That’s what Plasma Quark‘s creative proto-VR does, as he’s set the Steam controller’s gyroscopic controls to always-on and attached it to his headphones. You can see a sample of the results in the GIF above, as he’s essentially created a rudimentary head-tracking setup paired with mouse-and-keyboard controls. It might look strange and silly, but also pretty smooth.

With the impending release of Oculus Rift (and other similar VR headsets), I’m unsure about how many other people will be doing this with their shiny-new Steam controllers, but I’m really intrigued by all the outside-the-box thinking this controller is inspiring. We’ve seen examples of alternate typing solutions to one-handed control schemes for disabled people, and now there’s a near-no-hands option. And now we play the waiting game for the FULL-no-hands option…

So...What Do You Think?

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