Who Wants These Glass Walls That Slide Around Corners to Disappear From View? ME!!!

Window and door manufacturer Vitrocsa seems to have literally turned a corner (heh-heh-heh) with the concept of vanishing glass walls with its “Turnable” system. As demonstrated in the video above, the “Turnable” system turns the concept of your ordinary sliding door on its head by enabling the panels to actually TURN CORNERS. In other words, the glass panels can be hidden within the nearest solid wall. Vitrocsa’s website explains that the system was “developed to optimize space by completely removing panels from view,” as each panel can slide independently of each other and when moved out of the way can be completely hidden either along or pocketed within a side wall. These panels can freely slide around any number of corners allowing a design opportunity in creating opportunities of optimum exterior views.

The system uses a set of “invisible” tracks that blend with the floor covering, allowing a minuscule 10 millimeter groove marking the line separating the building’s interior and exterior. Come to think of it, Mies van der Rohe‘s 1930 Villa Tugendhat comes to mind, where an entire side of the glass-walled living space could, should the user wanted to, be dropped through the floor to make the house open to the elements and literally let the outside in. As intriguing and elegant as the idea was in 1930, Mies’ design idea failed to catch on, mainly due to that feature required an electric motor PLUS a basement underneath in which to store the disappearing glass facades. In the end, I think this project from Vitrocsa is proof that time was ultimately good to Mies’ idea.

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