WWE Championship: The Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan, This Tuesday in Texas (12/3/1991)

And behold, my LONG-AWAITED follow-up post from June 15th, 2012 about the 1991 Survivor Series WWE Championship main event between champion Hulk Hogan and challenger The Undertaker HAS FINALLY ARRIVED. I know you’re just as excited as I am, right?! Right?  Well, after Ric Flair’s interference in that title match at Survivor Series that helped ending Hogan’s 248-day run as champ, Hogan was granted a rematch for the championship just six days later at the one AND ONLY This Tuesday in Texas pay-per-view on Dec. 3, 1991 from the Freeman Coliseum in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

WWE Throwback Thursday: The Undertaker vs. Hulk Hogan at This Tuesday in Texas

This Tuesday in Texas was one of those special events that only happened once, and for a pretty good reason. At the time, Vince McMahon was trying to test Tuesday as a secondary option for pay-per-views, however the Survivor Series took place less than a week earlier, so the experiment didn’t work out as well as he had hoped. I’m guessing it was because you’d be hard-pressed to find viewers who want to shell out MORE MONEY for an event only a few days after ALREADY SHELLING OUT MONEY for one of WWE‘s annual “Big 4” pay-per-views. It’s just too much, Vince; too much. Thank GOD for WWE Network…

Regardless, This Tuesday in Texas was a pretty entertaining show, as Bret Hart defended his Intercontinental Championship against Skinner in a fun match, and Jake Roberts continued his feud with Randy Savage. In the WWE Championship rematch, Hogan was able to prevent Flair from getting involved by using a steel chair, but as Hogan hit Flair in the back with the chair, Flair fell into then-WWF President Jack Tunney.  On the following night on WWF Superstars of Wrestling, Tunney stripped Hogan of the title, citing the controversial endings of both title matches from Survivor Series and This Tuesday in Texas, and announced the crowning of a new WWF Champion at the Royal Rumble the following January.

Maybe it won’t take me another THREE YEARS to write about THAT match…

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