Behold this Mind-controlled Robot That Gives the Disabled a Taste of Travel

Wow you guys; we already have brain-controlled robot limbs assisting the disabled regain some mobility, but what about a free-roaming operating FULL-FLEDGED robots controlled by our thoughts?!? Seems far-fetched and elusive, right?  WRONG! Swiss researchers have developed a mind-controlled telepresence robot that allows anyone with motor disabilities to travel when it would otherwise prove to be impractical. 


It’s mainly a laptop on a pedestal that uses clever semi-autonomous software that takes the difficult work out of controlling where the robot goes. The user would need to wear an EEG-based cap while imagining moving your hands or feet, resulting in the robot plotting a path based on those SAME commands while avoiding obstacles on its own. Now, the tech is still very new and isn’t expected to reach the market for years, however its testers got used to piloting the robot within 10 days.  Should everything goes well, patients living with paralysis or bounded to their beds wouldn’t have to face obstacles to visit friends and family at home, or attend meetings as if you were actually there. PRAISE GOD AND SCIENCE!!

[Thanks MIT Technology Review & TechRadar]

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