Praise God; There’s NOW a Legal Definition on What a ‘Jobber’ Is…

Here’s the truth about nearly EVERY pro wrestling organization: Not everyone on the roster can carry main-event status. It’s a strange and complex food chain in constant flux with giant personalities at the top and those whose job is to lose A LOT in convincing fashion. The WWE used to call them “enhancement talents,” but we know them today as “jobbers.” However, they are more important than they seem to be as they are a key element to set-up early pushes for new talent. Plus, some jobbers are able to break that glass ceiling and become a top star down the line. For those not familiar with the world of pro wrestling, there’s finally a clear-cut legal definition for jobbers, and it’s graced unto us via WWE’s own legal filings, with this last sentence on the page making things crystal clear:

In wrestling parlance, a ‘jobber’ is a temporary wrestler used on an as-needed basis essentially as a prop to lose to more prominent wrestlers.

Who’s the “Mr. LoGrasso” mentioned above? His name is Vito LoGrasso, aka “Big Vito” (pictured above), who some of you might remember either from his 2000’s career in WCW, a Full-Blooded Italian in WWE, or that same guy on SmackDown who’d occasionally wrestle while wearing a dress (I told you wrestling was strange). The full legal filing found here has a lot of information, but it’s essentially a greatest hits compilation of other jobbers — like the other lawsuit from Luther Reigns, Ryan Sakoda, and Russ McCullough — suing the WWE for damages. While it’s unfortunate for anyone who had worked for years developing and perfecting their craft just to wind up become a practice dummy sucks, I guess that just the nature of the business. :-/

[Thanks to Chris Harrington and u/wurmspiralmaschine from Reddit]


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