This Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into an Awesome Theme Park Ride

What you see above is a video courtesy of the small-scale engineering outfit Force Dynamics shows a Grand Theft Auto V gaming session played using a seat designed to transmit motion feedback. What this reactive platform does, is turn one of the rides on Los Santos’ roller coaster from a passive side activity to something like those motion-feedback VR rides in amusement park.Hydraulic Rig Turns GTA V Into a Wild Theme Park Ride

As much as I absolutely enjoy playing and passing the time by playing Rockstar’s open-world masterpiece, the addition of full-body force feedback (that’s NOT the Aura Interactor; remember that?) instead of the current hands-only haptic feedback is very intriguing. rumbling through your hands. Now I just want this to be made into an arcade cabinet. Also, due the intensity of the feedback from the above video and gif, some barf bags nearby are essential. Just saying.

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