Here is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels!!1!11!!!

Bask your eyes on this is Intel’s 264 sq. ft. Smart Tiny House on Wheels (also known as a THOW) in San Francisco, built in collaboration with (of course) Intel and designer Kyle Schuneman, who used Brian Levy’s Minim Home design plans. Intel’s Internet of Things Platform (IoT Platform) allows the residents to unlock the doors, change the thermostat, adjust all lighting, and even detect pipe leaks from the comfort of your smartphone.

Intels Smart Tiny House 01

In most cases, tiny homes are fairly light on technology since there’s usually not enough room to pack in bulky gadgets and appliances, but Intel’s Smart Tiny House aims to be the exception. The home features open, multifunctional spaces with all wiring hidden in the walls and the incorporation of transforming furniture — for example, the bed rolls out from underneath the office area — resulting in a tiny, yet spacious and livable home on a trailer.

Intels Smart Tiny House 02

Intel’s new Internet of Things Platform acts as the brain of the home, as it is connected and controlled by a variety of smart devices. The system allows for you to control every part of the home’s systems via a tablet app. Tasks include swiping a slider to adjust the thermostat, change the color and brightness of the lighting, and even open the door for a friend, associate or family member. And about those older non-smart appliances; well, those actually CAN be controlled by plugging them into smart outlets. Plus, all the systems respond to voice control, and Intel’s IoT platform is able to learn your living habits to make intelligent decisions based on your behavior.

Intels Smart Tiny House 03

[Thanks Inhabitat]

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