Here’s Muscle Temple’s Interpretation of Pro Wrestlers as Cats; Because REASONS!!

mew day
“It’s a MEW Day; Yes It Is!!!”

Mostly because it involves cats. Plus, this IS the internet, and the internet just LOVES cats for some reason.  Anyway, the gang over at Muscle Temple released an interesting group of wrestling fanart, as artist Becky Dreistadt (of Capture Creatures, Star vs The Forces of Evil, Bee & Puppycat) combined two of the things the internet ove the most: pro wrestling and cats. I must admit, they are A-DOR-ABLE!!!

becky lynch
The Lasskicker, Becky Lynx!

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting that you HAVE to donate to the Muscle Temple pro-wrestling comics anthology on Kickstarter; it’s already been funded and the deadline’s past done. Also, Sasha Manx is the best thing I’ve seen here (look below)! Thank God for the awesome creative types like Becky Dreistadt. KEEP IT GOING! KEEP IT TIGHT!

sheamouse toy
Sheamousetoy! FELLA!!!


sasha manx
The Boss, Sasha Manx
star litter dust
Getting Cosmic with Star-LitterDust
nia jax
The Rock’s cousin, Nia Cats!

and OF COURSE I have to include a Chikara Pro reference:

jervis kittenbelly
Jervis Kittenbelly is OH SO FANCY!

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