‘Back to the Future: Part II’ Expertly Edited, Showing the REAL 2015

Okay everyone, it’s been well over a month since Back to the Future Day back in October, and we all know this truth by now: the 2015 predicted in Back to the Future: Part II did NOT happen in real-life (not exactly, anyway). I mean, we have spec and expensive demonstrations of hoverboard devices, Nike has developed working self-“lacing” shoes, and we got Google Glass.  However, there’s no Jaws sequel, no dehydrating (and growing) pizzas, and the Chicago Cubs couldn’t get past the American League Championship Series to make it to the World Series (however, that does mean NO Biff’s Pleasure Palace, so….yay?). But that’s OK, we — and by “we,” I mean PistolShrimps — can just change the past by re-editing Back to the Future Part II to include things that DID happened in the year 2015.

The clip shows a T-Rex hologram from Jurassic World eating Marty rather than Jaws, and rather than Biff being the most powerful buffoon in the world, it would be…ugh…Donald Trump.  In case any of this is over your head, do yourself a favor and watch these Back to the Future “Cliff-Notes” from Burger Fiction, as they cover the entire trilogy in under a a-minute-and-a-half. It’s awesome, so now you have two (that’s right, TWO) Back to the Future videos of AWESOME in ONE post on The PractitioNERD!

Does anyone else want a whole NEW movie about Back to the ‘real-and-current’ Future…


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