Gaudí’s Sagrada Família to Become Tallest Church in Europe by 2026

This is the epitome of patience, as it has only taken 133 years since the laying of the foundation of Antoni Gaudí’s Sagrada Família for the project’s construction to finally enter its final phase. The project’s directing architect Jordi Faulí, who is overseeing the completion of six new towers that will raise the “Tower of Jesus Christ” to approximately 566-foot-tall, stated that it would become the tallest religious structure in Europe and Barcelona’s tallest building in a recent public statement. The final stage won’t only include the construction of the 566 foot Tower of Jesus Christ, but will include five other 443-foot towers honoring the Virgin Mary and the four apostles.


According to Spain’s ABC, the project will be constructed utilizing a new process that is  “used by the tension of the stones; stone blocks will be built up to 6×5 meters per panel with steel rods that tighten and strengthen so that it may better withstand the force of the wind.” Currently, the World Heritage Site landmark structure — and the world’s 5th most interesting tourist site in the Travelers’ Choice Awards, attracting well over 3 million tourists every year — is currently 70% finished, and is on schedule to be mostly completed by 2026, coinciding with the centenary of the death of Antoni Gaudí (coincidence, maybe?).  However, given the extra work work involving smaller and more detailed modifications, it’s possible that the project won’t be close to 100% complete until sometime between 2030 – 2035, give or take.

[Thanks The Independent , ABC and El País]

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