Twitch Goes from ‘Playing Games’ to ‘Installing Arch Linux’; OH DEAR GOD….

Well, I guess this was bound to happen. After covering and mentioning online streaming site Twitch experimenting with it’s viewers to plays games from Pokemon, Metal Gear: Ghost Babel, Dark Souls (FREAKIN’ DARK SOULS) via the site’s chat interface, and now the Twitch Plays phenomenon seeks to tackle a new challenge: installing the Arch Linux operating system. Now, ANYONE following the stream (which began this Halloween at 4PM Eastern Time) will be able to enter commands and control the installation process. live video from TwitchInstallsArchLinux on

In most cases, installing Linux is quicker and easier than completing almost ANY Pokémon game, as installing Linux is mostly idiot-proof — particularly should you be installing it on a safe virtual machine environment to prevent the risk of destroying a hard disk drive by accident. Here’s the thing though: through the chat interface, this (of course) opens to doors trolling. Case in point, during the Twitch Plays Pokémon experiment, there were many instances of getting stuck constantly in menus and releasing captured Pokémon.  That ALONE is VERY annoying to contributors who were genuinely trying to beat the game.

Along with the simple commands that could render the experiment hopeless (commands that could wipe the disk, kill programs from running, getting stuck in a constant reboot loop, etc.), even more possibilities could rear it’s ugly heads. For example, security attacks could be implemented to break into the virtual machine host being used for the experiment, then recruit of the machine into botnets, or denial of service attacks.  Man, this whole thing could be a disaster waiting to happen; so YES, I WILL be watching.

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