Adam Rideaux’s “Visibly Invisible: Humanizing the Homeless”

Longtime friend of mine — and friend of The PractitioNERD — Adam Rideaux, has recently released his short-form documentary, “Visibly Invisible: Humanizing the Homeless.” Rideaux states that he plans on using this movie as a catalyst to bring real change and awareness, and he states:

The purpose of this film is not just to illustrate the realities faced by many/if not all homeless people, but to likewise (AND MOST IMPORTANTLY), clearly drive home the point that THEY ARE PEOPLE TOO! Many people dehumanize people in a homeless situation and to be honest, most people don’t even acknowledge the homeless… film will place the ones who typically are invisible to the masses and in essence, make them VISIBLE by way of telling/sharing their heartbreaking stories and perspectives. Remember, we are all one decision or life situation away from being them…so in essence, they are US…WE ARE ALL PEOPLE.

So...What Do You Think?

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