Watch The New Day, Ric Flair, And More Get The Sega Genesis Treatment In This WWE 2K16 Parody Video

I love that I can still pop WWF No Mercy in my Nintendo 64 and enjoy that little bit of nostalgic wrestling video games that make me feel like a kid again. Truthfully, there’s’ probably NO other feeling like it! However, something new and original could probably help re-create that feeling of childhood nostalgia, especially if it’s executed properly; kind of like this…

If you thought last year’s WWE 2K15 Sega Genesis parody version from @WrestlingArcade was awesome (you likely did, BTW). then you’ll REALLY LOVE this year’s completed parody video.  For the new people, @WrestlingArcade is also-known-as Brendan Docherty, an artist based out of the UK.  As usual, he’s created his bit of 16-bit magic on many memorable pro wrestling moments as a reimagined WWE 2K16. It’s that ‘right’ kind of bring the past to the present that doesn’t involve you being your own grandpa (yes, that TWO Futurama references this week; KUDOS TO ME!!).

Some other examples of Docherty’s work — he does arcade-style commissions as well — include his 16-bit gameplay interpretations of classic pro wrestling moments such as: the Barbershop Window betrayal, Cactus Jack and Terry Funk getting buried by steel chairs at the ECW Arena, and the debut of The Shockmaster in WCW because everyone needs a good laugh (and if it’s a WCW gimmick, IT’S GUNNA BE A GOOD LAUGH!).

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