A First Look at a “Resident Evil” Stage Play…Yup.

First Look at the Resident Evil Stage Play

A few weeks ago, the Resident Evil stage play, called “Resident Evil: The Stage (or Biohazard: The Stage),” debuted in Japan (supposedly because fitty-‘leven movies aren’t enough) and ended this past Sunday, November 1st. According to Inside Games, the play’s story is ACTUALLY canon, as it takes place between Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6. The play’s setting is a university in Australia, as the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) arrives immediately after a bioterrorism incident as things get worse, beacuse — you know — Resident Evil.


Resident Evil: The Stage has an entirely Japanese cast, featuring Seijiro Nakamura as Chris Redfield, Rin Asuka as Rebecca Chambers, former AKB48 (a J-Pop idol girl group) member Asuka Kuramochi playing a university student named Mary Grey and Sonny Chiba playing the university’s president.

Apparently, huge Resident Evil fan Alex Aniel really enjoyed it:

Websites Inside Games, Cinema Cafe, and Natalie were on hand, to cover what the stage play’s theatrical version would encompass. Cinema Cafe states that Resident Evil: The Stage will be released on DVD — crossing fingers for Bluray –in January 2016 with English subtitles.

[Thanks Kotaku]

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