Yeah, Sooo, Lexus made a Working Electric Car out of Cardboard…

Lexus' cardboard Origami Car

I’m sure that after reading that headline and checking out that picture that NOW that hoverboard from that Lexus commercial no longer appears to be ALL THAT impressive, huh? Lexus has unveiled the Origami Car, a fully functional electric IS sedan whose main body, interior and wheels are made out of cardboard. No joke; this is freaking REAL!

The design  in charge cut WITH A LASER 1,700 base pieces based on a digital model of the actual car, then assembled every part using wood glue over a 3-month period. This vehicle, of course, isn’t exactly street-legal as the instrument cluster is just a series of drawings, and cardboard isn’t all that comfortable nor safe. However, the Origami Car DOES prove that most modern assembly techniques can build almost anything out of anything.

[Thanks AutoBlog]

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