Sooo, yeah….Pepsi is launching smartphones TODAY in China

In case you’re wondering what the latest baffling and confusing corporate branding decision will be, look no further than PepsiCo (you know, the Pepsi folks). According to Reuters, PepsiCo confirmed plans to launch smartphones and accessories in China, STARTING TODAY! That’s right; should you find yourself in China on this date, you can pick up your own Pepsi-branded smartphone!

Before you become any more confused than you are now, Pepsi won’t actually be manufacturing the phones — as you’ll have no trouble finding phone manufacturers in China — as they’ll only be licensing it’s brand to a partner. The Pepsi P1, a basic mid-range Android phablet with a 5.5-inch screen, 1.7 Ghz CPU and 16GB of storage, along with that swaggerific (I lost a bet) Pepsi-related branding. The P1 will likely retail for around $200 in China, but more official details should arrive later today. I wouldn’t hold my breath for this phone to hit the US or Europe, and I doubt that either Coca-Cola or Royal Crown would follow suit.

Maybe PepsiCo will try their hand in making video games again…

[Thanks 9to5Google]

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