Lithuanian Hunting House by Devyni Architektai

© Augis Narmontas

Located along a small hill deep in a Lithuanian forest in Sariai, is this house — inspired by the client’s hobby, hunting — for family leisure time. The home’s location is retreated and surrounded by trees in order to give a chance to hear the real sound of the nature.  The lead architects, Jurgita Liubartaite and Arunas Skrolis, aimed to combine the family lifestyle with the archaic conception of eating from nature and exchange for products from surrounding farms.  Basically, the environment accommodates the human while keeping its importance over them.© Augis Narmontas

The home’s construction depended on local resources; the timber came from local forests, the stricture’s design was simple and not complex, and all carpenters and artisans who worked on the project were from nearby villages. Plus, the surrounding land’s features (as well as the local villages) are reflected in the house’s interior and exterior design.

© Augis Narmontas

In addition to retaining a link to nature, the The Hunting House’s interior is decorated with traditional elements of Lithuanian art — animals, birds and sun tunes — that symbolize bliss and coherence for the home.

© Augis Narmontas

[Thanks ArchDaily]

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