Here’s ‘Home Free,’ A Game Where You’re A Dog Lost In The Big City

I wish there were more games where you play as dogs, because Dogs are awesome! Tokyo Jungle on PS3 is awesome! So I was very happy to find out about Home Free, a game currently on Kickstarter, which has you playing as a lost dog — one of many breeds to choose from — trying to find their way home through a huge, procedurally-generated city.

Home Free, A Game Where You're A Dog Lost In The Big City

Home Free is sort of a survival sim about it, since you need to find food, fight aggressively mean street dogs, and secure shelter at night, but it isn’t a wasteland where you’re left to die. You play as a dog and you have a clear purpose, and the city is free to explore and is full of life and interactions with both human and other animals.  Developer Kevin Cancienne discusses how you control the dog and the multiple ways to stay alive and get home:

Decide how to survive. Will you be a bandit, stealing food from unsuspecting humans when you can? A performer, trying to earn treats and sympathy from dog-friendly citizens? Or a scavenger, sticking to the margins and following your nose?

[Thanks Home Free]

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