YouTuber Tom Scott Builds Crazy 1,000-Key Emoji Keyboard BECAUSE REASONS!!

It appears that YouTuber Tom Scott will no longer have any issues reacting to any comment or post delivered on social media with his brand, spanking new emoji keyboard. This keyboard is actually not A keyboard, but FOURTEEN (14) individual keyboards synced together with well over 1,000 keys bound to emojis. Scott further explains:

This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve built in a long while: a full-size, real-life emoji keyboard, made of 14 keyboards and over 1,000 individually placed stickers. And yet, it’s got everything from Unicode 8 — but not yet the candidates from Unicode 9. I might need another keyboard for them, next year.

I can only picture that some of you reading/watching this post/video have your jaws and eyes wide open, either from the technical aspect of such a thing existing, or that it could find a practical use. Still, amazing story and effort, man. 😉

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