John Cena as a League Of Legends Champion Would Be OP x100,000,000…

SPOILER ALERT: John Cena wins!  That especially rings true since Mr. Hustle-Loyalty-Respect can go invisible, owns a shield that can regenerate automatically , and has the ability to use toggle-able passive without needed three stacks to proc.  Did I lose you? Well, the comedy geniuses from YouTube’s Crazy Boris Productions created this nice little spoof of Riot Games’ “Champion Spotlight” videos, typically produced prior to the release of a new champion in their hit game League of Legends.

John Cena Would Be Crazy OP As A League Of Legends Champion

With cleverly-referential ability names like “Tactical Jorts” and “Pay-Per-View”, these abilities actually fit in very well in the real League of Legends game. Plus, I would like to see some minions get “REKT” by the Doctor of Thuganomics himself, John Cena.  Personally, the WWE already has a fighting/wrestling video game series from 2K Games, a classic-esque fighter Immortals on mobile devices (and even dabbled in side-scrolling action with Betrayal and racing with Crush Hour; we NEVER discuss Crush Hour…), so why wouldn’t they jump into the MOBA arena (so to speak).

John Cena Would Be Crazy OP As A League Of Legends Champion

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