Bernie Sanders: Candidate, Folk Artist, Democratic Socialist, Lucha Libre-watcher…

It’s always interesting to find out new things about politicians. For one, I’ve known of Senator from Vermont and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ stance of democratic socialism and history of involvement in the civil rights movement, but I never knew that he released a folk music album in 1987. Well, Bernie Sanders went to the Latino Heritage Festival in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday to watch some lucha libre. No joke.

The above YouTube version of the clip (originally taken from Twitter) repeats, but it’s fun see Bernie’s becoming pretty intrigued by the whole affair going on before moving onward throughout the festival.  Part of me wants him to show up at an NXT taping and chanting “THIS IS AWESOME”, or at a Ring of Honor show screaming out “THIS IS WRESTLING”! Maybe having Bernie take a couple of superkicks from The Young Bucks! This makes me so happy I can barely contain myself!!!!

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