‘Sociedad de Mar’ Project Seeks to Change the Tourism Model

© Adamo-Faiden

This project by Adamo-Faiden Architects in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay is called Sociedad de Mar, located in the middle of a coastal forest roughly 1km from the Atlantic Ocean. The project’s purpose is to install an alternative model of tourism from the immediate periphery of one of the most exclusive seaside resorts.  Another goal of the project is to use a combination of materials, spatial, and organizational variables to outline a new method of the built environment cohabiting with the natural environment. 


The project consists of a set of houses sharing a swimming pool and a multipurpose hall with the trees surrounding them. Each of the buildings are positioned and oriented on the ground without changing the conditions of any unused soil. This allows for two ways to enter the units: first, in the upper area of ​​the site, each home is preceded by its own private courtyard, and second, the lower part has an elevated courtyard as an entrance.

© Adamo-Faiden

The use of courtyards and the existing trees creates a system of circulation along the site. There are three clearings that are parallel to the glen intersect the project diagonally to provide an intermediate area between the existing forest and the many houses. Plus, the use of reinforced concrete produced on site extends to all of the buildings with a horizontal dimension created for a group of five workers to handle at a time. The texture created as a result patterns the perforations that are unique to each home.


All pictures shown are from the first stage, consisting of the completion of the model unit and the multipurpose hall. The project’s second stage is scheduled for March 2016.

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