Some History Behind Why Some Front Doors are Red…

There’s something about a red front door that calls your attention to building.  It makes a bright, confident and cheerful statement to those you are about to enter or just happen to pass by. After some light research, it turns out there are MANY reasons red is the popular color choice around the world for front doors. So go ahead and ask yourself, should you paint your door red, what exactly are you telling the rest of the world?

Well, like many things, it depends on location and context. For example:

  1. In Scotland, doors are painted red to celebrate finally paying off their mortgages and that they now outright own their homes.
  2. According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, red gives out positive energy, therefore that force is being drawn into the home.
  3. For those who tirelessly travel throughout the United States, red doors represent welcome refuge where travelers could find food and shelter.
  4. Many Catholic churches used red doors as a symbol of blood, used to ward off disease and death from within the building’s holy walls.
  5. In the days of the Underground Railroad, red doors signaled to escaped slaves that a particular house was part of the escape system.
  6. It is widely rumored that Albert Einstein painted the door on his house red for its bright color and that he could easily discern which home was his.
  7. In Chinese culture, the color red is considered really good luck, and many paint their doors red around the time of the New Year to invite happiness and cheer into their homes.
  8. A series of retreats called Red Door Spas, by Elizabeth Arden, are well-known for peace, tranquility and relaxation.

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