Behold this Danganronpa/WWE Murder Mystery Mash-Up. Yes, You Read That Right…

Fan-Made Danganronpa/WWE Murder Mystery Is Better Than You'd Imagine

Your eyes do not deceive you; yes, that’s WWE star Triple H with Danganronpa character Aoi Asahina. In case you’re wondering why you’re seeing this, I present you with an absurd hour-long crime drama in which these two worlds collide brought to you from YouTube creator Alfredo Dizon. This isn’t the first time  Dizon has mashed up WWE and Danganronpa, but this one is completely voice acted — and yes, I know it’s not the same people from the games, but it still does the job.

Earlier installments in the series had used WWE 2K14’s story creation mode (you still might find some smatterings of that here), but the vast majority of this project involved a very carefully-constructed recreation of the trial section from the Danganronpa games. Dizon was even forced to rip high-res sprites from the game using a PlayStation TV for better and consistent image fidelity.

In an email exchange with Kotaku’s Patrick Klepek, Dizon admitted that:

“I kind of went overboard in production values for a goofy joke.I spent around 4 months on the project,” he said, “calling for auditions and casting the voice roles, rewriting the script (filling it with tons of anime, wrestling and fighting game jokes), creating mash-ups of Danganronpa songs and WWE entrance music, and recreating graphics from scratch. Then, there was putting it all together and animating the whole thing on my ancient computer.”

This project is just the right amount of absurdity that I love!  The only thing that I can think that would make this EVEN BETTER is to mash Danganronpa with the roster of NXT…

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