Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Google Music Player

Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a Google Music Player

Well crap; now I gotta buy ANOTHER Raspberry Pi….said no one in a disgruntled way EVER (since I currently has two; a B+ running RetroPie and a Pi 2 running Plex Media Server)!  Anyway, personally (and for MANY other people), Google Play’s a pretty easy way to get access to all your music. So, should you find yourself looking to build a tiny standalone device for playing that music, GitHub user fredley created a simple little front end piece of software that’s pretty easy to use.


After you get everything installed on your Raspberry Pi, you’ll end up with a tiny, lightweight music player that has total access to your Google Play music library. You can even connect to a touch screen, if you want, but either way you’ll have an awesome little system that can sit next to your stereo system (if you have one; it’s not necessary) whenever you’ve got the urge to put on some tunes.

[Thanks Play Pi from GitHub via Adafruit]

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