The Young Bucks Superkick A Father and his Kid Because WRESTLING!!!!11!!11!!!!!!

Let me just preface this by stating the obvious; The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) are the most entertaining tag team in pro wrestling today.  All they do is beat you up, take your title belts, perform DX crotch chops (all while screaming that same DX catch-phrase).  Also, if it’s your birthday, they’ll even throw-in a superkick to your and for family member’s faces.

No, for real, like to injure you.  This IS pro wrestling remember?

Anyway, young Luke was celebrating his birthday at a show promoted by IWL Wrestling, a Southern California independent promotion.  His father helped him to the ring, and then he was superkicked by the Bucks because reasons (the first fifty of those reasons are that they’re the Bucks and that’s what the Bucks do). That lit a fire under young Luke, as he then started successfully attacking both Bucks by channeling Daniel Bryan.  However, in the end, Matt and Nick reminded us why they are who they are, what I just told you they are, and why they’re this tag team is the best, the biggest, and the smarmiest heels in pro wrestling.

Here it is from another angle, because reasons:

Happy Birthday, Luke! I suppose…

***EDITORS NOTE: Sorry to kill the kayfabe here, but remember that pro wrestling is a controlled physical demonstration of athletic maneuvers. Matt and Nick Jackson (The Young Bucks) are two of the safest men in the business, also 1) The kid was/is totally fine, 2) PLEASE do NOT go around kicking children in the face, and finally 3) SERIOUSLY, just do NOT kick anyone in the face IN GENERAL. K? THX. Bye.***

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