ABOUT DOG-GONE TIME! 12 Architecture Schools to Offer “Integrated Path” to Licensure BEFORE Graduation

© Matthew Carbone

The path to licensure in architecture is a giant pain, so in an effort to ease and better optimize that journey, the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) has accepted proposals from 12 accredited US architecture schools to implement an “Integrated Path” to licensure. This new initiative will enable students the opportunity to BOTH finish their Intern Development Program (IDP) requirements and complete their Architect Registration Exams (ARE) before even graduating with a bachelor degree! Plus, students aren’t required to pass all ARE divisions in order to graduate, and only need to retake the necessary tests go gain licensure! #Progress!

© Wikimedia Commons user Kit

The chairman of the Licensure Task Force (LTF) Ron Blitch, who is also an architect in Louisiana, a former NCARB President and current member of the NAAB Board of Directors and the Louisiana State Board of Architectural Examiners, stated that:

“The programs in this inaugural class exhibited a high degree of creativity, and are focused on strengthening the relationship between schools, the practice community, and licensing boards.”

Despite never formally becoming a licensed architect, Le Corbusier would for ever alter the profession with his writings (including “Towards a New Architecture”) and designs. Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, c. 1950. Image © Sureh Sharma

Blitch also stated that:

“Each program took a slightly different approach, and many built upon already existing requirements for internship through exposure to practice prior to graduation. We are especially pleased that the integrated path participants are striving to negate any increased costs to students through paid internships and minimizing additional tuition. This effort will reach a subset of students who are hyper-focused on achieving licensure in a more concentrated and structured manner. This will occur without sacrificing any of the rigor obtained through accredited education, the IDP and the ARE.”


NCARB’s LTF will now provide feedback to the 12 proposals, and will then release the names of the participating schools that will be later “coached” by NCARB as they move forward with the program. The architecture programs or schools that need more development with their proposals are encouraged to resubmit them after implementing any and all feedback from the LTF. Currently, a new Request for Proposals (RFP) for the second round of participation is scheduled to launch in early 2016 and the process will be repeated annually, while it is managed by a new Integrated Path Evaluation Committee appointed by the President of NCARB.

[Thanks for the news, NCARB]

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