You Can Own the House from ‘Purple Rain’ for $110,000! BUY NOW!!!

“Purple Rain, Purple Rain……”  Oh sorry, you caught me in a moment… Anyway, just like the title said, which is probably why you’re reading this now, you can own the home from that cult classic film for a song, LITERALLY! The Minneapolis, MN 1,348 square-foot house where Prince’s character in the film ‘Purple Rain’ lived in is on the market for the steal-of-a-price at $110,000.

The two bedroom definitely “needs to be rehabbed,” according to the listing from Coldwell Banker, and it includes a new bathroom and kitchen. But there’s also the charm and pop culture pedigree that might make it worth it. Earlier this year, Prince’s real-life Beverly Hills home sold for $5.5 million — 50 times the asking price for this house. The Los Angeles Times described the pop star as a “perpetual renter,” saying Prince sold the Beverly Hills house in 1997 and it was the only Los Angeles-area place he ever owned.

Prince records his music and shoots many of his videos in his hometown of Chanhassen, Minnesota at his massive recording complex, Paisley Park Studios, with the Purple Rain house located only a half-hour drive away.

And, just for fun…

[Thanks Elle Decor & Coldwell Banker]

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