Watch AFL’s Tiger Jones Perform ‘The People’s Elbow’ to Celebrate a Touchdown

Can you smell what The Jones is cooking?

A few Saturday nights ago, the Jacksonville Sharks got into the AFL playoffs with a monstrous 63-16 victory over the Tampa Bay Storm. The game got so out of hand that the team celebrated a touchdown by electrifying the millions…and millions of The Rock’s fans, with #11 Tiger Jones playing the role of the Great One and teammate #93 Moqut Ruffins playing the role of some jabroni whom the smackdown was layeth down upon.


I’m unsure, however, whether or not that was a regular clothesline or the Rock Bottom finisher, but either way, spot-on impression of The People’s Elbow, i.e., the most electrifying move in sports-entertainment. I believe they’ve made the Brahma Bull proud.

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