Forget RoboCop, remember the Japanese Pro Wrestling Match with C-3P0 and R2-D2?

Honestly though, the more that’s forgotten about RoboCop’s short stint in WCW, the better…

Anyway, the prime takeaway of professional wrestling is that it can be really weird. One can also say that a prime takeaway from Japan is that it TOO can be really weird. Over at reddit, a video that has been making its rounds — by which its existence is proof of a loving God — came from an All Japan Pro Wrestling show in the summer of 1979 when Anakin Skywalker’s droids R2-D2 and C-3PO stopped by to have themselves a tag-team match.

The two “droids” are taking on Masanobu Fuchi and “the father of deathmatch wrestling” Atsushi Onita, whom the latter is been in the business for over 40 years and is more or less retired today (similar to his contemporary The Great Muta).  It’s even more insane that Fuchi and Onita do the job and put over these other two guys who could have easily won a “worst cosplay ever” award (or is that still considered losing; hmmm….). Makes since Onita would go on to create and innovate the No-Rope Barbed Wire Barricade Electric Land Mine Double Hell Deathmatch — which are real; real BLOODY and VIOLENT, that is….

Regardless, at least this was a MATCH and not a glorified performance spot from the mostly-forgotten WCW Capital Carnage in 1990. Jesus….

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