Beautifully Simple: The Courtyard House

© Yoshihiro Asada
© Yoshihiro Asada

FORM | Kouichi Kimura Architects took this site in a calm area containing stretching fields and farms, and a west side view of a distant hill, making the site resemble an original Japanese landscape, along with the Torii gate and the approach to an adjacent shrine. This environment was the inspiration for the request of a house that would blend with the scenery while making the best use of the spacious site of about 330 squared meters while incorporating a U-shaped building with courtyard to offer security and privacy.

© Yoshihiro Asada
© Yoshihiro Asada

The house’s form goes well with the surrounding views, as well as the range that links the approach to the shrine. 
The interior contains a single open room with finishes and levels that vary, making each space independent and comfortable, as well as creating various scenes as you would moves from one area to another. The large window and terrace that face the courtyard allows views of the surrounding natural landscape. In fact, the terrace and the interior space by the window are made of the same material, creating a flexible space that enhances the link between the inside and the outside. Finally, in the courtyard area connected with the terrace, there is a basin that resembles a water channel designed to create a visual linkage with the view of the environmental that opens up.

Ground Floor Plan

© Yoshihiro Asada
© Yoshihiro Asada

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